# 56

photo set of hanna after track practice. 1 mono light at 1/64 power firing at 1/10,000 sec., 1/120 shutter speed, iso at 100, f/7.1.

hanna 7.jpg

# 55

Grabbed a shot of Zibi after practice. 2 speedlites. f/5.6 iso 1000 1/150. i was having trouble getting focus in the dark, and this one is a bit soft, but the best shot from the set. feels like a departure from the things i ordinarily shoot as well.  canon 6d canon 24-105.

zibi 1.jpg

# 54

Grabbed a shot of Hanna after a meet the other day. Shot in front of Lincoln High School in San Francisco. 2 bare speedlites in the same spot for fill on the shadow side of her body firing at 1/2 power. Canon 6d. 24-105L, f/5.6, 1/250, iso, 160.

hanna 1.jpg

# 53

Grabbed a shot of Jen at track practice. shot with 2 speedlites. One was shooting through a shoot through umbrella  from the top right of frame, and the other bare bulb pointed up at her back.  f/7.1 1/150 iso 1000 canon 6d, canon 24-105L.

jen stadium 4.jpg

# 52

There was a horse in front of the studio so I grabbed a shot of it. f1.8, 1/1200, iso 100. Canon 5d mk3, 85mm prime. 

horse intersection.jpg

# 51

testing a lighting grid with Alonna. 1/50 f6.3 iso 400. 1x4' kino and large bounce under the face for fill. backdrop has 2 4' kino banks 2 1500w flolights, 2 6' flourscents. 

# 50

grabbed a shot of Jen at the beach. it was freezing. 1/160, 6d, iso 100, f7.1. single speedlite at full power in left hand.

jen beach

# 49

Shot of Gabby in between takes on a shoot for Acer. 5dmkiii. 1/125 f 4.0 iso 360. 2 kinoflows, 1 flolight, 4x500 watt led. 


# 48

In an originals shoot that wound up getting scrapped I managed to grab this shot. shot with 2 - 1500 watt flo lights and 1 - 1000 watt flo light in front with 4 - 500 watt leds. 2 as hair lights and 2 on backdrop. canon 6d 1/100 f5,6 iso 300.

# 47

in a shoot for L'Oreal I snagged this one. canon 6d - canon 24-105 - 1/120 f/5.6 iso 160. typically i diffuse my hair lights but decided to not do that on this one for more separation and I like the way it turned out. I had 2x1500 watt and 1x1000 watt fluorescent in front and another 3000 watts of LED in backdrop and hair lights.

# 46

Grabbed a shot of Beth in the middle of a beauty shoot. 6d 1/100 f5.0 iso 1000.


# 45

Grabbed a shot of Mila Kunis between video segments. 1/60, iso 160, f5.6. canon 5d mkiii, natural light with bounce filling both sides.

# 44

Grabbed a shot of house MUA, Misty, showing Diamond something in the lights. 1/60, iso 160, f6.3 continuous lighting from flo lights at 4k watts in front and about another 2k in led from behind.

# 43

Grabbed a few shots of MUA to the stars at a photo shoot with Ayesha Curry this week. Set up with windows behind me and also used 2 speed lights at 1/8 power to both right and left. canon 5d mkiii, 1/200, f5.6, iso 100, canon 24-105 f4.

# 42

Was lucky enough to get to shoot Ayesha Curry. Her daughter, Riley took a liking to me and was singing me the ABC's at the piano. Here is a shot I got of that. Canon 5d mkiii, 24-105L,F 4.0, iso 100, 1/100 Natural light. Had a wall of windows to my left and right without any direct sunlight.

# 41

Here is a shot from last Nov. when I got to shoot Rebecca Minkoff in her private showroom. Was super nervous and only had about 15 minutes to light and get the shots. I was using 4 speedlights placed in different spots and was shooting with a 5d mkiii, 24-70mkii, 1/160, iso 100, f5.6. For this shot i had Bryan holding a shoot through umbrella off to the left of camera and had 2 other speed lights bouncing light around the room strategically for fill. 

# 40

Took a few shots for Trevor for a press kit. canon 6d with 24-105L, 1/160, f7.1, iso 100, 2 speedlites at 1/8 ppwer going through shoot through umbrellas and 1 at 1/4 going toward the backdrop. I typically shoot portraits between 85-105mm but wanted to try something a bit different with this one. So interesting how the lens at this focal length changes the face. 

# 39

A shot of Diamond today for a beauty shoot. f6.3 1/100, iso 640, canon 5d mkiii, canon 24-105. way too much wattage.

# 38

got to shoot our MUA Eliza today. really good in front of a camera. I grabbed this shot while she was checking her look in the camera. I shot it a 1/50, f6.3, and at iso 500 under like 7000 watts of light. I dont normally shoot any stills at 1/50 but it was a spur of the moment thing in the middle of a video shoot. 5d mkiii 24-70 mkii.

# 37

Was in LA for the MTV Movie Awards and popped in to grab a bite at Aussie Pies. Met the owner, Nick, and grabbed a shot of us talking and sharing a pie and a laugh. 5dmkiii, canon 24-105L, f6.3, 1/100, iso 400.